In other words,what makes the law of life  a powerful tool to be able to give us deliverance by setting us free from the apparent law of sin and death that is in our flesh by default? For the race of Adam has the element of the flesh from birth.

The power of the law of the spirit is the power of the life of God, or rather the giver of the law itself. I.e ABILITY OF THE GIVER ACCOMPANIES THE ABILITY OF THE GIFT.

Yet, this law of life is written within our hearts, it is within us.This brings me to Ephesians 3:20, that,

      God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask for, according to     the power (of the law) that work within us.

Hence, possessing the law of life within me, gives me power through which God can do far much above that which I can ask for.

So, the question is, how much of this law of life is within me? because that law. if it comes from God it come with power thereof !


1.It helps me to incline my heart towards the lord:A heart that is not inclined towards God cannot perceive the life of God. Power of God found in the law of life compels my heart to be inclined toward Him as my heart cannot incline automatically.

2.It makes us submissive towards God:With the fallen nature of man after the Eden experience,man became naturally rebellious.There is that rebellion in our hearts that come no matter how much we resist it. Well, the answer is in the power in the law of life.It will turn our cold,unyielding and rebellious heart back to the lord Jesus.

3.The power helps us to have a living and fresh service towards the lord:This means directly that whatever we do will be a living sacrifice that is acceptable before the lord,a living sacrifice moves God as it translate to an act of faith unlike a dead actions that is an effort of the flesh,and we know that nothing that comes out of the flesh is good.Actually, the service of a new testament believer ought to be an overflow of the life of the spirit in work. Because it is life,it also gives life to those who the service is being given to and a living supply to the giving it.Amen

4.It makes us to do good works which the lord has prepared before hand that we do them:This can translate to,It (the power in the law of life) helps us live the life God intended we live before we even came to the world.

It is almost impossible to live that kind of a life without the power of the law of life working in us.

5.It makes us do the work of the lord with our strength,without a straining.

With this said,it narrows down that we need this law of life,the Bible says that:

“The word I speak to you are spirit and life”. John 6:63.

The word of God is the law,(in the Bible) it needs to be mixed with the Holy spirit to become spirit and life that translate to that kind of power in Ephesians 3:20.

A simple faith to yield to the Holy spirit is what I need, especially as i read His word.