As much as we are guarding our hearts above all else, we should not do to the extreme. Going to the extreme is going away from from the narrow path that is flooded with grace and going to the ditches of either lawlessness or legalism.

The path to the kingdom is narrow because,On either side, its occupied with something else, which are, the law and the legal.

Every truth in the word of God can have both extremes.Going to the extreme of lawlessness is defiling grace, i.e trying to obey the law so much with my own strength which leads to self righteousness which the Bible says its like filthy rags in His sight, Isaiah 64:6 because it source is not Christ but the flesh. Nothing good can come out of the flesh.

Romans 7:18 For I know that in me,in my sinful flesh, nothing good dwells in there.

It is only in the narrow path that grace (who is Jesus) is found. It is only in the narrow path that all sacrifices we bring to God are acceptable. Its is only there that every act becomes an act of faith

To walk in this narrow path we need the Holy spirit who constrain us to it.This is because only Him can show us when we have began to be self righteous and when we have begin walking in lawlessness that is sin in the name of grace.

In this regard, I look at the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector. A close look at this helps me to understand the whole concept of law and grace. Luke 18:9-14.


The pharisee did the law,fasted twice a week,gave tithes, did everything,But look at Jesus response, despite of all this he went home unjustified. Its like his prayers never reached the throne of God, The tax collector,a sinner, made a simple prayer,and he went home justified. Why? his prayer was made in the narrow path,the path of grace,it was Jesus making that prayer.

Law is good, but it ought to leads us the narrow path where grace is found.

legalism is not seeing grace in your life,lawlessness is seeing grace in the  wrong perspective. Non is good, both are in the wider path.

Lord help me to remain to stay in the narrow path, through your Holy spirit constrain me and reveal the true grace to me.