1st Corinthians 5:6                               Image

little leavens can be considered as the seemingly “little sins”, in the eyes of men. but look keenly at what they do, they leaven the whole body.

I should not be comfortable with little sins, like leaven, what they do is to spoil the rest of the body.

When dough is leavened, everyone can see the effectd of the leaven on the dough,it increases in size, but the leaven itself cannot be seen but its effects can be seen.

It translate to a similar case. sin, regardless of how small it is, it causes damage to an entire body of the sinner.It can even cause physical death, but ideally, it never began with the damage ,it began with the unseen “little sins” which no one sees except the one with those sins.

Am I still comfortable with the leaven? assuredly it will leaven up the whole body. So help me God, as by myself I cannot make it.