From my diary dated 1/07/2012.

Contemplating about love, the love of Christ that is unconditional and unlimited. Love that nothing can separate us from Romans 8:35-39.

1st John 4:16b – 17 God is love, whoever lives in love, live in God and God live in him. In this way,  love is made complete among us………………..

The first sign that God live in me , is shown by my love life, because GOD IS LOVE.

It is a lie that I cannot love everybody, it is a lie that there are some people who are unlovable. But almost always I always find myself believing in this lie, like when one is unkind to me i find a reason to justify myself that I cannot love them.

Bible says we should love each other with the love of Christ. This means that I by myself am limited to loving others but my love for people should be an overflow of my filled love of Christ in me. In other words, my love for others is an overflow of the love of God that have first filled my vessel before it overflows to others.

So, do you and I find  it hard to love others at one point, we are our own limitation, if we can experience the love of God  to the fullness, then loving others would come automatically, reason being, a cup that is filled with water, and more is added, it begins overflowing effortless. I think that how much we are able to love others is a good assessment of how much the love of God is in us, less love for others can only mean less of God in us, if we are humble and meek, that can push us to spend more time with God that we may experience Him and His unlimited love, if he can be formed in us, then it can be Him loving other people through us,  as with our fallen and unredeemed nature we can’t love as He can. To me that means a call to be delivered from the self, and be restored to the unfallen state of man.

Lets pray in faith to be filled with the love of Christ to enable us to extend the same to others.