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My most precious person on the planet, my darling twin.


Dear Mum,

This is no happy letter. It’s signed with sadness, marked with gloom and underlined with questions. Death! That dreadful thing that no one wants to imagine, think about, or talk about, let alone even face. It’s ruthless, inconsiderate, and a respecter of no one.

It didn’t think for a moment, that this girl was beautiful of heart and mind

It didn’t care about how generous, kind and friendly she was

It didn’t consider how bright her future was going to be

How colorful her wedding was going to be

How gorgeous her children would be

And how much difference she was making every day

Radiating light into the hearts and lives of many

Is life a smoldering wick that can be blown off by the wind, any moment? Is life so short, unpredictable and temporary? If life is so fleeting, then what?

Why do we work so hard…

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Awesome stuff.

Breaking Soul-Ties

Welcome to #SoulTies 7. In #SoulTies 7, we attempt to identify good #SoulTies and bad #SoulTies in the bible. We also see the potential that all the #SoulTies have to abort the manifestation of the believer’s destiny. The love of  food, sleep, sex and money are major #SoulTies that we need to deal with.

Please find below Flickr & iCloud links for the Soul Ties 7 Tweetcast

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  1. Now that we are achieving some stability in our #SoulTies study, we’ll be having the broadcast weekly on Thursday at 8pm GMT
  2. We have had a few intense #SoulTies sessions already
  3. However I want to state that we are not here to condemn anyone or stigmatize anyone who has repeatedly fallen into sin due to #SoulTies
  4. We are here to expose them as the works of the enemy that the blood of Jesus has been shed to…

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From my study times.

Isaiah 61:1-4

They that mourn in Zion are the one that;

1,shall be given a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

2.they shall be called the tree of righteousness planted by God for His own glory.

3.They shall build old wastes, raise up former desolation, and shall repair waste cities, DESOLATION OF MANY GENERATION.


Verse 11.

For as the earth brings forth her bud, and as the garden causes the thing that are sown into it to spring forth, so the lord God will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations. A sign of surety, like as sure as the sun shall rise in the morning, righteousness and praise shall be a  porting of the restored once of our God, them that mourn in Zion.

How and what will make all this happen. Isaiah 61:1 The spirit of the lord is upon me. The spirit, Holy spirit of the mighty God shall cause all this to come to pass in Jesus name.

According to apostle Paul in the book of Colossians, Christ who is in me and I in him the hope of glory ,is who have been kept as am mystery for ages, in other words in me I carry a mystery that has only been revealed to them who are in Christ. What can be greater than this. IN ME I CARRY A MYSTERY, THANK YOU GOD.

Genuine prayers are to satisfy God’s purposes,hence a prayer must first be existing in the heart of  God for you to pray it.Amen.

I get amused by how i used to interpretImage

God’s word, in simplicity, and simple faith.


From my diary dated 1/07/2012.

Contemplating about love, the love of Christ that is unconditional and unlimited. Love that nothing can separate us from Romans 8:35-39.

1st John 4:16b – 17 God is love, whoever lives in love, live in God and God live in him. In this way,  love is made complete among us………………..

The first sign that God live in me , is shown by my love life, because GOD IS LOVE.

It is a lie that I cannot love everybody, it is a lie that there are some people who are unlovable. But almost always I always find myself believing in this lie, like when one is unkind to me i find a reason to justify myself that I cannot love them.

Bible says we should love each other with the love of Christ. This means that I by myself am limited to loving others but my love for people should be an overflow of my filled love of Christ in me. In other words, my love for others is an overflow of the love of God that have first filled my vessel before it overflows to others.

So, do you and I find  it hard to love others at one point, we are our own limitation, if we can experience the love of God  to the fullness, then loving others would come automatically, reason being, a cup that is filled with water, and more is added, it begins overflowing effortless. I think that how much we are able to love others is a good assessment of how much the love of God is in us, less love for others can only mean less of God in us, if we are humble and meek, that can push us to spend more time with God that we may experience Him and His unlimited love, if he can be formed in us, then it can be Him loving other people through us,  as with our fallen and unredeemed nature we can’t love as He can. To me that means a call to be delivered from the self, and be restored to the unfallen state of man.

Lets pray in faith to be filled with the love of Christ to enable us to extend the same to others.



1st Corinthians 5:6                               Image

little leavens can be considered as the seemingly “little sins”, in the eyes of men. but look keenly at what they do, they leaven the whole body.

I should not be comfortable with little sins, like leaven, what they do is to spoil the rest of the body.

When dough is leavened, everyone can see the effectd of the leaven on the dough,it increases in size, but the leaven itself cannot be seen but its effects can be seen.

It translate to a similar case. sin, regardless of how small it is, it causes damage to an entire body of the sinner.It can even cause physical death, but ideally, it never began with the damage ,it began with the unseen “little sins” which no one sees except the one with those sins.

Am I still comfortable with the leaven? assuredly it will leaven up the whole body. So help me God, as by myself I cannot make it.


As much as we are guarding our hearts above all else, we should not do to the extreme. Going to the extreme is going away from from the narrow path that is flooded with grace and going to the ditches of either lawlessness or legalism.

The path to the kingdom is narrow because,On either side, its occupied with something else, which are, the law and the legal.

Every truth in the word of God can have both extremes.Going to the extreme of lawlessness is defiling grace, i.e trying to obey the law so much with my own strength which leads to self righteousness which the Bible says its like filthy rags in His sight, Isaiah 64:6 because it source is not Christ but the flesh. Nothing good can come out of the flesh.

Romans 7:18 For I know that in me,in my sinful flesh, nothing good dwells in there.

It is only in the narrow path that grace (who is Jesus) is found. It is only in the narrow path that all sacrifices we bring to God are acceptable. Its is only there that every act becomes an act of faith

To walk in this narrow path we need the Holy spirit who constrain us to it.This is because only Him can show us when we have began to be self righteous and when we have begin walking in lawlessness that is sin in the name of grace.

In this regard, I look at the parable of the pharisee and the tax collector. A close look at this helps me to understand the whole concept of law and grace. Luke 18:9-14.


The pharisee did the law,fasted twice a week,gave tithes, did everything,But look at Jesus response, despite of all this he went home unjustified. Its like his prayers never reached the throne of God, The tax collector,a sinner, made a simple prayer,and he went home justified. Why? his prayer was made in the narrow path,the path of grace,it was Jesus making that prayer.

Law is good, but it ought to leads us the narrow path where grace is found.

legalism is not seeing grace in your life,lawlessness is seeing grace in the  wrong perspective. Non is good, both are in the wider path.

Lord help me to remain to stay in the narrow path, through your Holy spirit constrain me and reveal the true grace to me.


In other words,what makes the law of life  a powerful tool to be able to give us deliverance by setting us free from the apparent law of sin and death that is in our flesh by default? For the race of Adam has the element of the flesh from birth.

The power of the law of the spirit is the power of the life of God, or rather the giver of the law itself. I.e ABILITY OF THE GIVER ACCOMPANIES THE ABILITY OF THE GIFT.

Yet, this law of life is written within our hearts, it is within us.This brings me to Ephesians 3:20, that,

      God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask for, according to     the power (of the law) that work within us.

Hence, possessing the law of life within me, gives me power through which God can do far much above that which I can ask for.

So, the question is, how much of this law of life is within me? because that law. if it comes from God it come with power thereof !


1.It helps me to incline my heart towards the lord:A heart that is not inclined towards God cannot perceive the life of God. Power of God found in the law of life compels my heart to be inclined toward Him as my heart cannot incline automatically.

2.It makes us submissive towards God:With the fallen nature of man after the Eden experience,man became naturally rebellious.There is that rebellion in our hearts that come no matter how much we resist it. Well, the answer is in the power in the law of life.It will turn our cold,unyielding and rebellious heart back to the lord Jesus.

3.The power helps us to have a living and fresh service towards the lord:This means directly that whatever we do will be a living sacrifice that is acceptable before the lord,a living sacrifice moves God as it translate to an act of faith unlike a dead actions that is an effort of the flesh,and we know that nothing that comes out of the flesh is good.Actually, the service of a new testament believer ought to be an overflow of the life of the spirit in work. Because it is life,it also gives life to those who the service is being given to and a living supply to the giving it.Amen

4.It makes us to do good works which the lord has prepared before hand that we do them:This can translate to,It (the power in the law of life) helps us live the life God intended we live before we even came to the world.

It is almost impossible to live that kind of a life without the power of the law of life working in us.

5.It makes us do the work of the lord with our strength,without a straining.

With this said,it narrows down that we need this law of life,the Bible says that:

“The word I speak to you are spirit and life”. John 6:63.

The word of God is the law,(in the Bible) it needs to be mixed with the Holy spirit to become spirit and life that translate to that kind of power in Ephesians 3:20.

A simple faith to yield to the Holy spirit is what I need, especially as i read His word.




Lukewarmness – The Great Commission, Part 27 by Rick Joyner | MorningStar Word for the Week 2013.


Jealousy divided the first two brothers, but love will ultimately unite those who are in Christ, so no evil will be able to stand against them. We are told that “the gates of hell will not prevail against the church,” singular (see Matthew 16:18). When we are united, the gates of hell cannot prevail against us. When we are divided, they will. But love will ultimately prevail, and before the end there will be a church that stands together in unity because they love one another. Let us determine in our hearts right now that we are going to be controlled by love, not envy. If we do this we cannot fail because “Love never fails.”

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